New low-retention filter tips

ZAP Premier filter tips from Alpha Laboratories have always provided an excellent level of protection for pipettes and samples. Now, the new low-retention range also means users get maximum volume delivery for the best accuracy and precision, even with ‘sticky’ samples.

ZAP Premier low-retention filter tips are manufactured using an exclusive formulation highly hydrophobic resin that ensures 10 times less fluid retention than standard tips. This ensures every last drop of the sample is dispensed. The tips are RoHS compliant with absolutely no migration of additives, so no assay interference to worry about.

Users’ pipettes and samples are fully protected when using ZAP Premier filter tips. Their high molecular weight polyethylene filter has a 10μm pore size, half that of most other filter tips. They effectively trap aerosols containing DNA, radionucleotides and other contaminants, preventing them from entering the barrel of the pipette and keeping it clean. The filter also blocks fluid passage for complete sample recovery in the case of over-pipetting.

Lot by lot testing certifies every batch is free from RNase, DNase and human DNA. The tips, including the filter, are completely non-pyrogenic. The high density filter in ZAP Premier tips also means that they can be autoclaved without warping. This means unused tips can be re-sterilised, preventing waste and making these economically priced filter tips even better value. 

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