New line of capsules

ACG Capsules (ACGC) has introduced a new line of HPMC capsules meeting a wide variety of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical needs. The new ACGcaps H+ capsule with no gelling agent is suitable for hygroscopic and moisture-sensitive formulations. It also meets consumer demands for clean label and vegetarian capsule options.
The capsule complies with requirements of dissolution performance across all biological pH range since it is pH-independent and non-ionic. These capsules also reduce cross-linking problems which occur with gelatin base capsules resulting in retarded dissolution performance.
The new capsules are suitable for filling granules, powders, pellets for prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical ingredients, nutraceutical dietary supplements and traditional medicines.
"The new range of HPMC capsules are designed to give pharma and nutraceutical customers added peace of mind by providing product protection and desired formulation release. The new line contains no gelatin, wheat, gluten, animal by-products or starch, making them ideal for supporting clean label claims and vegetarian diets," said Selwyn Noronha, CEO for ACGC.

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