New library preparation system

Agilent Technologies has launched a new next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation system designed to easily run complex DNA sequencing assays with the press of a button.

The fully automated Magnis NGS Prep System includes reagents and protocols that make it easy to assay multiple genes and complex genetic aberrations from genomic DNA, including degraded samples such as formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE).

"Since the inception of NGS, library preparation has been one of the most complex and variable parts of the NGS workflow," stated Sam Raha, president of the company's Diagnostics and Genomics Group. "We are excited to provide a turnkey, automated workflow solution that is easy to use and increases sequencing reproducibility, making it a clear choice for any molecular testing lab interested in the genetic aspects of cancer and other diseases."

Providing a complete solution for NGS library preparation, the Magnis system is fully automated and delivers reproducible results with one-day turnaround time. It has been designed to run complex NGS library assays with minimal technical knowledge and hands-on time.
Incorporating self-detection and tuning capabilities, the system also comes with pre-aliquoted reagents and pre-set protocols. It is fully compatible with Agilent's SureSelect XT HS library prep workflow, allowing molecular barcode-based error correction, as low as 10ng of DNA input, and optimised performance for poor-quality specimens.

Requiring minimal expertise to run, the Magnis system combines an onboard wizard that enables assays to be set up in under five minutes, and system notification of correct reagent placement through automated barcode checking. Upon pressing the start button, the user can walk away from the instrument, yet visually check assay progress through the wizard and LED status indicator. 


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