New ISO 4833-2 validation with easySpiral

8th October 2013

Today, the Spiral method is recognized worldwide as a standard. Universities teach it as an alternative method to manual plating, and laboratories use Spiral platers as a must for their routine work.
With over 35 years of experience in manufacture of Spiral platers, INTERSCIENCE offers a full range of high-tech patented equipments: easySpiral®, easySpiral® Pro and easySpiral Dilute®. They allow less serial dilutions, standardizing Petri dish plating, and leave more time for creative work.
The ISO 4833-2:2013 specifies plating and enumeration of microorganisms incubated on PCA media under 30°C for food labs working with PCA media. It recommends plating spread dishes with Spiral method, which represents more than 40% of all bacterial analyses. ISO 4833-2 norm recommends the use of :
- Spiral plater (easySpiral ®),
- Automatic colony counter (Scan ®) and
- Filter bags (BagFilter  ®) to obtain high accuracy, full traceability (DataLink) and indispensable work comfort.
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