New iPad app for automated micro bioreactor system

TAP Biosystems, a supplier of cell culture and fermentation systems for life science applications, is launching its new ambr15 micro bioreactor iPad app, allowing scientists the opportunity to download, free of charge, all available information on this system as an iBrochure.

The new ambr15 iPad app, presented in a fully interactive ‘iBrochure’ provides an overview of all the useful information on the ambr15 automated micro bioreactor and will help bioprocess professionals to rapidly familiarise themselves with the system.

The iBrochure features a video demonstration and an interactive tour, as well as an image gallery showing close-ups of the key features. There are also quotes from recent articles on the ambr15. These provide bite-sized summaries of the many cell culture applications in which use of ambr15 has improved cell line selection and optimised bioprocessing parameters, making it quick and easy for scientists to understand how they would use an ambr15 to accelerate their own process development.

The ambr15 app is FREE to download to an iPad HERE. the iBrochure does not require Wi-Fi or an internet connection after download is complete.

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