New inorganic elemental analysis instrumentation

Elementar UK is launching its latest solution for inorganic elemental analysis in the UK at the Lab Innovations Exhibition.

The inductar range of elemental analysers is available in three models; the inductar CS cube, inductar ONH cube and inductar EL cube. The instruments perform analysis of the elements carbon and sulphur or oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen with the inductar EL cube able to analyse all five elements in inorganic materials on the same instrument. The instruments have been designed to assist laboratories and technicians in their day-to-day work, by improving the efficiency of the sample testing process and by eliminating rudimentary cleaning tasks.

Peter Morgan, UK EA and TOC product specialist at Elementar UK, said: "Our inductar cubes are packed with the very latest in technology to provide users with what they need to perform elemental analysis on inorganic samples. All three inductar models are equipped with a high-frequency induction furnace that makes it possible to reach sample temperatures of between 2,000 and 3,000°C, depending on which inductar cube you purchase. This is good news for those that conduct sample analysis at higher temperatures, as our inductar range can support these users.

"Also, each cube has a camera so the operator can observe gas release in real-time. This means that for the first time we now offer a product for inorganic elemental analysis where users can observe the combustion process of their samples in a level of detail not featured on any Elementar product before."

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