New immunochromato reader

To further accelerate R&D work for novel coronavirus (Covid-19) test reagents, Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new fluorescence immunochromato reader with both high sensitivity and high reproducibility.

The Immunochromato Reader C10066-60 gives precise readout of fluorescence in immunochromatographic reagents. By applying the firm's own advanced signal processing and optical design technology, the measurement sensitivity has in-creased more than 10 times higher than some available products.

This new immunochromato reader (lateral flow reader) offers high-sensitivity detection of reagent re-actions occurring with antigens such as viruses and hormones or antibodies reacting with viruses, etc. It is a promising tool for streamlining R&D work on immunochromatographic reagents including those for novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

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