New hygienic magnetic mixer

15th March 2018

SPX Flow has announced the release of a new magnetic mixer, the MagMixer MBE, from its Lightnin brand. This new mixer offers excellent mixing performance using a magnetic coupling; there is no shaft or shaft seal required that removes the risk of leakage and reduces the risk of contamination, making it ideal for life science and other hygienic applications.

The MBE Series MagMixer has been specifically designed for reliable operation and regulatory compliance in life science applications. The unit has no shaft penetrating the tank and so requires no mechanical seals; significantly reduces the risk of leakage or microbial contamination. It provides high torque capacity with optimum cleanability and, with bottom-mounted magnetic agitators, is ideal for low-viscosity blending, dissolving solids and solid suspension in sterile applications.

Precisely engineered using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the MagMixer MBE uses Lightnin A281 3-blade hybrid axial/radial impellers in an open construction that maximises flow while facilitating easy cleaning and sterilisation (CIP and SIP). Alongside optimising product flow, the impellers contain strong magnets which produce high levels of torque capacity in a compact form. 

The magnetic impeller removes the need for shaft and seals. Strong, oversized ceramic bearings reduce the risk of breakage, are product lubricated and produce exceptional mixer stability, reliability and performance. The mixer further assures low maintenance overheads as the bearings can be easily replaced on-site and there is no need for a spare Impeller. Magnetic lifting of the impeller reduces the load on the surface of the bearings and enables the mixer to continue to run until the mixing vessel is completely empty; improving formulation mixing right until the very last drop has left the mixer. 

The MBE Series MagMixer is controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD). The series covers a wide power range from 0.09kW to 7.5kW (0.12Hp to 10Hp) with operating speeds of between 200 and 1,000rpm. A range of options across the range including different bearings, O-Rings, drive and body materials; protection classes (up to IP67), and hazardous area operation (ATEX Category 2) make this a flexible mixer choice for fluid viscosities up to 500 cP.





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