New hydrogen generator for GC-FID

Peak Scientific has introduced its latest hydrogen gas solution: Precision SL, the  company's smallest and easiest to use laboratory-grade hydrogen generator for GC-FID.

Designed exclusively to supply hydrogen to flame detectors for gas chromatography, Precision SL is extremely compact, with a total footprint measuring less than 20% of the size of the existing Precision models. Available in both 100cc and 200cc and in black and white, Precision SL produces hydrogen gas at 99.9995% purity.

The new model has been developed to enhance its usability with one button for both start-up and shutdown, and only simple user maintenance required to replace the desiccant capsule periodically, which can be performed in under 60 seconds, without any tools. 

With minimal gas storage and fail-safe auto-shutdown features, Precision SL is positioned as the safer hydrogen gas solution for GC-FID, particularly when compared with gas cylinders. 

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