New hotplate stirrers

Asynt's latest hotplate stirrers are designed to offer synthetic chemistry laboratories a combination of affordability, build quality and high performance without compromising on safety.

Manufactured in an ISO9001-2008 production facility, each Asynt hotplate stirrer incorporates two independent control circuits. The additional and independent safety circuit is for limiting the maximum heating plate temperature; this can be adjusted between 50 and 360 ºC but cannot be changed accidentally. This ensures that the flashpoint of your reaction solvent is not exceeded, making it ideal for teaching laboratories. A hermetically sealed design protects the hotplate stirrer motor assembly from spillages, ensuring long-term reliability and operator safety. 

For labs looking to regularly undertake unattended overnight reactions, the hotplate stirrer packages are supplied with an additional third temperature controller that improves reproducibility and accuracy to 0.5C and the ultimate in operational safety.

The hotplate stirrers also feature a very powerful magnetic drive with ramp start function, especially useful when stirring more viscous samples or for parallel synthesis of multiple tubes or flasks with devices such as the DrySyn Multi. A highly polished aluminium hotplate provides optimum heat transfer, thereby ensuring top performance. 

Asynt hotplate stirrers can be supplied as part of a discounted package including hotplate stirrer, temperature sensor, electronic contact thermometer, holding rod, support rod and the boss head clamp.

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