New generation of polarimeters

The new MCP 5X00 polarimeters from Anton Paar feature the latest technology with enhanced ease of use. These polarimeters offer application-specific instrument configurations, such as multiple wavelengths, a built-in camera for visualization of filling errors, and more.

The polarimeters are the successors of the well-established MCP 200/300/500 series. These MCP polarimeters have been on the market and at work in a wide range of industries for over 10 years. The new-generation MCPs provide customer-specific configurations and a wide range of options to keep the polarimeters fit for the future. This includes a retrofit of additional wavelengths that can be carried out on-site to make the instrument ready for upcoming measuring tasks. LED light source technology, suitable for all wavelengths from 325nm for 880nm, provides up to 100,000 hours working lifetime. MCP 5100/5300/5500 is ideal for measuring the concentration of optically active substances in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and medical industries, as well as for R&D.

 The new MCP polarimeter series is also fully compliant with national and international standards such as pharmacopeia, GMP, GLP, GAMP 5, OIML and 21 CFR Part 11. Its modern data management – fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 – includes audit trail, electronic signing of results, user group administration, and all other requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. No matter whether the instrument is operated as a stand-alone device, remote-controlled, or connected to the network, secure data integrity is provided throughout the entire data handling.
To ensure traceability and eliminate errors, there is a technology for the automatic identification of accessories (Toolmaster) and a built-in camera (FillingCheck) for the visualisation of the filling process inside the sample cell.

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