A new generation of microplate readers

BMG Labtech has introduced the new Clariostar Plus, further extending its range of high-quality microplate readers. The next generation microplate reader comes with user friendly features and was officially introduced to public at the SLAS conference and exhibition in Washington, D.C.

Now featuring EDR, autofocus and dedicated detectors
The newly developed Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) technology offers the largest possible detection dynamic range (8 decades), significantly simplifying measurement set-up. EDR provides researchers with an unprecedented convenience in microplate detection as highly reliable results can be measured over a large dynamic range with no manual intervention. Additionally, thanks to a rapid, full-plate autofocus, every sample on the plate is automatically detected with the ideal settings without any action prior to the start of measurement.
EDR technology combined with a fast full plate autofocus makes the most demanding assays significantly easier to handle and more cost-efficient, as it automatically provides the best measurement settings and eliminates the need for multiple readings.

Also new to the Clariostar Plus is the option to equip the reader with up to three dedicated detectors. Users who need the very best performance in far-red fluorescent detection can benefit from a red-sensitive PMT. The use of a dedicated detector for luminescence and AlphaScreen provides the option to measure each detection mode with the most sensitive PMT. Additionally, a UV/vis spectrometer provides ultra-fast full absorbance spectra.
As its predecessor, the Clariostar Plus is equipped with BMG Labtech's LVF Monochromator technology which ensures the best sensitivity and highest flexibility in each assay.

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