New-generation incubator

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to increase its focus on the development of biologics, scientists require robust, automation-ready incubation solutions with the reliability and flexibility to support a range of discovery, development and processing applications for future cell-based and cell-derived medicines.

Underpinned by over 50 years of experience in advanced environmental chamber and incubation technology, the Thermo Scientific Cytomat 2 C-LiN Series Automated Incubator provides research scientists and cell culture biologists in the pharmaceutical industry with an automation-ready, mid-capacity cell culture solution. The new automated incubator system delivers cell growth and environmental control across a range of microplate applications, including cell-based screening, immuno-capture assays, microbiology and enzyme testing. Designed for fast and flexible integration, the Cytomat 2 C-LiN Series Automated Incubator enhances laboratory automation installations. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific showcased its new generation of automated incubators during the 2019 European conference and exhibition of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS Europe).

"With the increasing number of biotherapeutics in development and their ever-growing complexity, scientists need cell culture solutions they can trust to deliver dependable cellular growth within a controlled and contamination-free environment," said Hansjoerg Haas, senior director and general manager, laboratory automation, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "The launch of the Cytomat 2 C-LiN Series Automated Incubator brings the latest automation-ready incubation technology to mid-capacity microplate applications, enabling scientists to more easily sustain valuable and vital cell lines for the synthesis and development of future therapeutics."

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