New generation of circulators

Julabo is introducing a new generation of refrigerated and heating circulators. The new circulators of the Corio series will replace the successful Economy series models and will give users improved performance specifications, expanded functionality, and greater value for money. Julabo circulators are used worldwide for applications in research, science, laboratories, pilot plants and the process industry.

These completely redesigned instruments mark another milestone in the company's success. Corio circulators simplify daily work and routine tasks in laboratories, such as during basic research or materials testing. The new series includes a variety of models ranging from immersion circulators, open bath circulators, heating circulators as well as powerful refrigerated circulators.

An intuitive operating concept permits rapid configuration of all models for the intended use. The displays are bright and easily readable from long distances. The new Corio units contain several new functions as well. Corio C models are suitable for standard internal applications and are provided with a redesigned, more robust bath clamp. All Corio CD models are designed for standard internal and external applications. New features on these models include a USB connection and the ability to continually toggle the pump between internal and external circulation directly under the display. Both models are extremely quiet in operation and can be easily adapted to various international power supplies thanks to an exchangeable power cable.

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