New gas solution for MS applications

Peak Scientific recently launched its latest bench-top nitrogen gas generator system, called Solaris. 

Developed to offer a compact and convenient gas source for labs using evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) instruments and compact mass spectrometers, Solaris provides a consistent source of nitrogen gas for these applications, typically requiring lower flow rates and specific purity.

With variable purity in relation to outlet flow and pressure, Solaris is a flexible solution for supplying nitrogen to one or two ELSD instruments, or a single compact mass spec, capable of delivering up to 10L/min and at purity levels of up to 99.5% (at lower flow rates). Available with an optional dedicated air compressor module, Solaris shares a similar design to Peak’s modular Precision series (for GC applications), as the generator can be stacked on top of the compressor making the most of valuable workspace. Its facia also functions as a status indicator as its colour indicative LED light alerts the user when the instrument reaches optimum purity and flow for analysis.

Petra Gierga from Peak says: “Solaris gives the user a consistent on-demand flow of nitrogen gas and brings efficiency to labs by removing the inconvenience of cylinder changeovers. It also removes the safety concerns of storing large volumes of gas on-site. Solaris has been designed using existing, proven technology making it our optimal solution for ELSD and compact mass spectrometer applications.”

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