New FTIR spectrophotometers

13th November 2017

Shimadzu has announced the release of its IRSpirit series of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometers. The two compact-sized models, the IRSpirit-T and IRSpirit-L, simplify analysis and provide excellent expandability. Acquiring high-quality data, the IRSpirit series is primarily marketed to pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, and academic institutions.

Despite their compact footprint (smaller than an A3 size sheet of paper), the IRSpirit-T and IRSpirit-L provide a wide sample compartment that accommodates existing accessories from Shimadzu and third parties.

The IRSpirit series also includes the dedicated IRPilot program with 23 application-specific workflows that can be used without involving any complicated parameter setup process. Customers can either opt for the IRSpirit-T model, which offers sensitivity equivalent to standard Shimadzu models, or for the reasonably priced IRSpirit-L model. They respond to the increasing demand of recent years, combining small laboratory space with high expandability and ease of use.

For these reasons, the development process involved both hardware and software. From a hardware perspective, the new systems provide the same sample compartment width as Shimadzu’s higher-end models despite being only one third of their size. For software, a new program allows operators with minimal analytical experience to acquire high-quality data. 

Even though the instruments are small and compact, the systems are as fully controlled as higher-end versions. Status monitoring is also available as well as the diagnostic function. The IRSpirit series have an automatic accessory recognition which is able to assist users during the parameter selection needed for a specific accessory.





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