New electrode for Zeta Potential measurement

Testa Analytical Solutions has introduced a Small Volume Electrode (BI-SVE175) that aims to push the boundaries of Zeta Potential measurement. Its novel design minimises waste and preserves expensive or scarce samples with its ability to measure Zeta Potential from a sample volume of just 175 microlitres. 

Not only does the BI-SVE175 preserve samples, it can also measure sensitive samples such as proteins without denaturing them. In addition, its use of low voltage allows samples with extremely high salt concentration to be measured without difficulty. 

The BI-SVE175 small volume electrode has been designed to operate optimally with Testa Analytical's NanoBrook series of Zeta Potential instruments.

Although it is used in the same way as a standard electrode cell on NanoBrook series instruments, the BI-SVE175 enables accurate and repeatable Zeta Potential measurements in highly concentrated samples. By requiring less sample dilution it more closely preserves the pH and chemical structure of a sample, thereby producing more directly representative measurements. This capability is particularly beneficial for many colloidal materials, where measuring the sample in its native state avoids the need for the often complicated centrifugation and dilution procedures needed to maintain sample integrity. 

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