New DNA kits launched

Chromatrap has launched an affordable, easy-to-use range of DNA kits for routine molecular biology applications. 

Usingbuffer chemistry and a spin column design, Chromatrap DNA kits are all free from salts, contaminants and inhibitors, providing users with the high recovery of top quality DNA that's ideal for downstream applications.

The Chromatrap DNA Extraction kit provides a reliable protocol to isolate superior quality DNA from a wide range of samples sources, including difficult cell and tissue types. Benefiting from high volume binding capacity, DNA is efficiently lysed, captured and eluted from this kit which is available in both spin column and 96-well plate designs. Quick and easy to use, the kit ensures high quality and recovery of DNA during the first steps of fundamental molecular biology applications.

New DNA and Gel Purification kits introduced by Chromatrap are designed to be quick and easy to use. These kits routinely deliver high yield and ultra-pure DNA for a wide range of molecular biological applications. The Chromatrap DNA Purify & Concentrate kit is designed for scientists using techniques such as PCR and Restriction Enzyme Digestion looking to clean up and concentrate DNA in as little as 5µl (5-10 µg DNA) elution volume. This new kit provides high recovery of superior quality DNA ideal for downstream applications.

Researchers can rapidly and easily purify preferred DNA sizes, from a wide range of sample sources with the new Chromatrap Size Selection kit. Using three simple steps (bind, wash and elute), that take under five minutes, this kit enables users to elute superior quality DNA fragments of their desired size for applications such as library preparation for next generation sequencing.

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