New desks for hygiene-controlled environments

Teknomek has updated its range of free-standing writing desks with an improved hygienic design that was led by customer feedback.

Sue Springett, commercial manager, comments: "We work closely with end users to ensure each iteration of our products will meet the increasingly demanding hygiene and cost control needs that customers face.

"Some elements don't need to change, people loved how robust the previous generation was - particularly the legs. However, users suggested we remove the bar at the front of the unit so they don¹t hit their shins and also asked us to look at ways in which we could ensure stored documents would more reliably remain dry."

The lockable unit is now more splash-resistant thanks to a welded hinge hidden at the rear of the unit to prevent water leaking in to the document drawer. Also, the slimmed down units are now 600mm wide with a depth of 400mm, ideal for documents of up to, and including, A3 size without wasting unnecessary space.

The new writing desks have been intelligently designed to make clean down as quick as possible. The desks feature an easy clean sloping top with a front lip. Risk has been mitigated through eliminating any potential trap points, notably the new range features no horizontal ledges where dirt could accumulate. This attention to detail even extends to using diamond braces for the rear rail.  

The writing desks are available in rear-railed, one and two shelved options and customers can specify bespoke versions to suit their particular needs. The static versions came with four stainless steel adjustable feet complete with non-marking rubber base as standard. All models are also available as mobile versions, which include two braked castors.

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