New column line introduced

20th March 2015

Advanced Materials Technology has introduced a new column line in the Halo BioClass family – Halo Glycan columns.

The Halo Glycan stationary phase has a highly polar ligand containing 5 hydroxyl groups, which is attached to the 2.7micron Fused-Core silica particle via novel linkage chemistry. The fused-core particle used has a surface area of ~135 m2/g and an average pore size of 90Å. This high performance material provides a column that is specifically targeted for separations of highly polar oligosaccharides and particularly protein-linked glycans and glycopeptides by hydrophilic interactive liquid chromatography (HILIC).

This latest column introduction joins the existing Halo BioClass column family, giving chromatographers a wide range of application specific solutions for the separation of bio-derived samples. 



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