New CO2 incubators

Being Instruments has introduced its new Bio series of CO2 Incubators. The new products help users to guarantee that their precious cells are in an environment maximally suited to optimise their growth potential.

Features Include: air jacked chamber with IR CO2 sensor; 6-sided heating helps provide excellent temperature uniformity; and anti-skid design of the shelf ensures safety of the samples. 

The PID controller with large easy to read colour display with touchscreen control displays vital setting and real time information on temperature, CO2 concentration and humidity.

The test hole provides access for convenient measurement and calibration of gas concentration and temperature.

The incubators boast extremely fast recovery times for both temperature and CO2 upon door opening and closing.

Alarm systems both audible and visual communicate protection levels for power, temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity level, faulty door closing, and other malfunction information.

Sizes available are: 80, 155, 190 and 233 litres.


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