New benchtop lab gas analyser

The series 150-Lab H2S analyser from Analytical Systems Keco measures hydrogen sulphide without interference or “false positives” to provide highly accurate results. Some other H2S analysers can become easily confused in the presence of components that look similar to H2S and report false positives. Used in inspection labs, gas terminals, the food and beverage industry and refineries, the series 150-Lab H2S Analyser is capable of high-precision gas measurement in the low, single-digit PPB to high PPM levels.  

ASTM-approved, the new tool uses a colorimetric-rateometric tape method of detection unaffected by cross-sensitivities to avoid ‘false positives’ that cause negative results. In addition, the tape method analyser never suffers from ‘zero drift’ nor requires a supply of zero air. As it only sees H2S, calibration models are not needed and the accuracy does not change even if the process does. Other gas analysis methods require a continuous update of calibration models over time when processes change.

Easy to operate, operators only need to push one button to begin analysis after connecting the prepared sample to the analyser through a 1/8th” tube fitting. (An optional sample cylinder with a regulator is available for high-pressure applications.) Once “Start” is pressed on the keypad, the analysis is automatic. The sample is quickly analysed by the H2S specific detector without cross-interference for quantitative analysis in ppb or ppm. The analysis time is fast - typically only five to ten minutes - without compromising precision.  

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