New app to support labs and speed up workflow

Working compliantly is incredibly important in the laboratory, but getting the necessary signatures can slow down progress and productivity. Introducing a new feature, ‘Signature Workflows’, Labforward has developed a solution that streamlines reviewing and signing entries within collaborative projects so that the workflow isn’t slowed down unnecessarily by the validation process.

When it comes to projects in the lab that require complex validation for content, a simple validation system is not sufficient. Feedback from scientists working in regulated environments showed that it became complicated when many signatures had to be acquired to validate laboratory results and reports. When multiple people were involved and the process wasn’t clear this could significantly slow down the workflow.

To address this issue, Labforward has created an optional feature in addition to its current ‘Sign & Witness’ feature in the labfolder ELN. The aim of the new ‘Signature
Workflows App’ is to take the functions of ‘Sign & Witness’ a step further. By giving more freedom to customise and have more control over who signs and witnesses, the validation process does not interfere with the entire workflow of the project.

The new functions found in the ‘Signature Workflow’ include: creating workflows with several reviewing steps, each containing multiple reviewers; assigning workflows to specific projects; and moving entries to different projects after workflow completion.

"With this app, we're allowing laboratories in regulated environments to speed up their workflows and do the work they usually would need a separate document management solution for," says Florian Hauer, CPO and co-founder of Labforward.

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