New addition to cellular analysis portfolio

Sartorius has launched the latest addition to its cellular analysis portfolio, the Intellicyt iQue3. 

The iQue3 is designed to provide fully automated processing and analysis for flow cytometry workflows, taking users from samples to actionable answers faster than ever before. Successor to the iQue Screener Plus, the new generation instrument offers even more user-friendly operation and enhanced process security to ensure consistent and reliable results with minimal user intervention.
One of the iQue3's new features is an enhanced rinse station that actively monitors buffer usage. With built-in liquid level detection, this module offers a smarter way to ensure users always have sufficient buffers to complete their run. This is complemented by a number of updates to the system's intuitive ForeCyt software, which uses a templated analysis approach to offer intelligent, fully automated data processing. This powerful software solution has been specifically developed to alleviate common processing bottlenecks by eliminating the need for manual data analysis and providing real-time visualisation of data for virtually any cell- or bead-based assay.

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