Natural extraction method Phytonext ready for next step

Phytonext, a technology company based in the Netherlands proves that it is possible to achieve natural extracts in a more economical manner with their innovative extraction technology.

Besides it retains optimal quality and activity of the phytonutrients. The next step is to go from a pilot scale to full industrial set-up. To achieve this Phytonext is looking for partners.
The material-, energy- and operational costs of Phytonext’s technology are significantly lower compared to other high quality extraction methods. That’s because Phytonext extracts specific phytonutrients from raw materials in one process step. For example lycopene from tomatoes. During that process the activity, purity and quality are maintained due to the mild process conditions and the absence of solvents. What’s left is a natural, strong and waterbinding food grade fibre.
Natural trend
There is undeniably a trend towards usage of natural ingredients. Certainly in the area of natural extraction for colouring agents, fragrances, flavourings and functional ingredients. Unfortunately these natural ingredients are often too expensive in comparison to synthetic extracts. Companies are therefore looking for better and cheaper solutions.
Double benefit
The technology from Phytonext is able to produce extracts of higher quality at lower production cost. A double benefit. This is interesting for companies that are seeking a more cost effective way to produce natural extracts. But also for companies that are looking at waste streams. Jordi Jongbloed, business development manager of Phytonext: “With respect to the circular economy more and more companies are looking to add value to waste streams. Phytonext’s extraction technology is a good method for new players in the market that want to take concrete steps towards a circular economy.”
It is time for a next step. The technology has proven itself on a pilot scale. But for large scale and commercially relevant projects partners are needed. Phytonext is therefore actively looking for partners to implement the technology on an industrial scale within specific markets.

Interested parties can contact Jordi Jongbloed at or phone him at +31 (0)317-466265.



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