NanoSciTech 2014

19th September 2013



Panjab University is organizing an International Conference, "NanoSciTech 2014" on the theme, "Nanotechnology in the Service of Health, Environment & Society" on February 13-15, 2014 at its salubrious campus in the "City Beautiful" of Chandigarh.

Nanotechnology is poised to be one of the most remarkable scientific and industrial transformations of the 21st century. With nanotechnology, scientists are acquiring abilities to understand and manipulate materials nearly at the scale of atoms and molecules. Nanotechnology, through its novel and innovative methodologies, is creating the potential for people to envision the world, act in it, and change it, with abilities to even transform the foundations of society. It is paramount, therefore, for scientists to deliberate upon a nanotechnology-enabled society, especially now, when nanotechnology is undergoing a dynamic phase of evolution.

NanoSciTech 2014, under the patronage of UGC-Centre of Excellence in Nano Applications, endeavors is to bring together the International community working in diverse domains of nanotechnology, and to provide a conducive ambiance for presenting advancements and applications in Nanotechnology esp. in health, environment and society. The Conference programme has been so designed to provide a platform for academic interactions, exploring avenues for collaborative ventures and experiential learning through invited talks and distinguished lecture series. The Conference events will encompass keynote talks, oral presentations sessions and poster sessions by eminent scientists, both from India and abroad.

Pre-Conference workshops on "Nanostructured Drug Delivery" and "Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials and Metallic Nanoparticles" will be also be held on 12 February, 2014. Running alongside the Conference, will be an exhibition covering the latest technological advancements in the domain of Nanotechnology. Please visit our website,, for the details.






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