Nanoscale chemical mapping

Bruker’s Inspire is an integrated scanning probe microscopy (SPM) infrared system for 10-nanometre spatial resolution in chemical and materials property mapping. 

The system incorporates Bruker’s PeakForce IR mode to enable nanoscale infrared reflection and absorption mapping for a wide range of applications, including the characterisation of microphases and their interfaces in polymer blends, plasmons in the two-dimensional electron gas of graphene, and chemical heterogeneity in complex materials and thin films.

The Inspire system features sensitivity down to molecular monolayers, even on samples not amenable to standard atomic force microscopy techniques. 

Inspire utilises infrared scattering, scanning near-field optical microscope optics

Inspire utilises fully integrated infrared scattering, scanning near-field optical microscope (sSNOM) optics, point-and-click alignment, and the full suite of PeakForce Tapping technologies found on Bruker’s performance-leading AFMs, from ScanAsyst self-optimisation to quantitative PeakForce QNM nanomechanics and PeakForce KPFM work function measurements. 

The resulting Inspiresolution now provides instant access to the highest resolution chemical, plasmonics, nanomechanical, and electrical characterisation for new scientific research and nano-analytical frontiers. 

“The infrared scattering SNOM technique has great potential for new scientific discoveries through highest resolution spatio-spectral imaging,” explained Professor Markus B Raschke, Departments of Physics and Chemistry, and JILA, at the University of Colorado, Boulder. “Its wide, productive application has been held back by the lack of an integrated solution.”

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