Nanoparticle preparation

In the impressive world of nanotechnology, getting to even smaller scale is increasingly important.

For example, pharmaceutical companies who want their drugs to be faster acting on patients are considering nanoparticle formulation to improve the dissolution rate and solubility of their compounds.

The Thinky NP-100 Nano Pulveriser breaks up particles using impact fragmentation, taking larger particles down to nano-size.

In a controlled process taking only minutes, particles in the 10 micron range are reduced to 100 nanometre sizes or less with tight particle size distribution.

The Thinky NP-100 uses planetary revolution and rotation action to produce a centrifugal force on a 45° plane to create strong concentrated energy that increases collision, friction and shear force, combined with a chiller to provide temperature control.

The nanoparticles are subsequently separated out from the pulverising media by using a mesh filter in a ‘Clean Media’ mode, a process which takes place in the same machine.

The NP-100 can process small quantities, down to 3 mg. Its quick operation reduces the potential for contamination from the pulverising media and containers. It is suitable for nanomaterials including inorganic pigments, pharmaceutical compounds, drug and medicines, and battery materials.

Examples include naproxen, nifedipine, danazol, griseofulvin, phenytoin, indomethacin, aluminium oxide, titanium oxide, lithium carbonate and iron phosphate. 

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