Motorised tip spacing pipettes

INTEGRA announces a new generation version of its popular VOYAGER pipette range that features unique motorised tip spacing technology.

At the push of a button, VOYAGER II pipettes allow you to expand tip spacing anywhere between 4.5 mm and 33 mm (depending on the model). This enables rapid and optimised multichannel pipetting between microplates, tube racks and gel boxes of different sizes and formats.

The VOYAGER II pipette incorporates a new 135-degree rotatable body enabling users to always hold the pipette in a comfortable working position. Additionally, the reduced weight of the VOYAGER II facilitates easy, unstrained pipetting even over prolonged sessions. The updated design features even better accuracy and precision, especially at low volumes.

The VOYAGER II introduces a new highly intuitive multilingual user interface operating across all menus. To enhance productivity the VOYAGER II allows you to save up to 40 individual custom programs thereby accelerating the implementation of often repeated pipetting protocols. Available in 4-, 6-, 9- and 12-channel versions, the VOYAGER II is the only commercially available pipette range where the tip spacing can be changed electronically. using a VOYAGER II pipette the number of transfer steps, compared to using single channel pipettes, can be significantly reduced. This results in considerable time savings and less error prone sample processing. Using a VOYAGER II your pipetting protocols can be finished up to 12 times faster compared to a traditional single channel pipette. In addition to increasing the productivity of your liquid sample transfers, a VOYAGER II pipette allows you to change tip spacing single handed thereby leaving your other hand free to handle the sample vessel.

Benefiting from a high precision motor, the VOYAGER II tip movement can be exactly controlled and the required tip-to-tip spacing for your lab protocols saved for future repeat use. Up to three different tip-to-tip spacings can be saved and later be accessed anytime during a pipetting protocol.

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