A more convenient way to monitor compressed air for viable particles

The new SAS Super Pinocchio CR has been added to Cherwell Laboratories' extensive range of microbial air samplers.

This new compressed air sampling device offers a more convenient way to monitor for viable particles in compressed air and other gas supplies used in controlled environments.

Manufactured by VWR and supplied in the UK by Cherwell Laboratories, this updated version of the already popular Pinocchio II compressed air sampling device can still be fully dismantled for easy cleaning and decontamination. However, it is now manufactured in stainless-steel to make this process even more simple and effective.  

The Pinocchio CR provides a controlled method for bioburden monitoring of compressed air and other gases and can be included in an environmental monitoring program. It is ideal for use in manufacturing facilities where compressed air monitoring is falling under increasing regulatory scrutiny.

To ensure continuity with other environmental monitoring programs, the Pinocchio CR utilises the same method of active air sampling as the rest of the SAS range of portable units.  Using the multi point impaction method of active sampling, air is aspirated through a perforated cover known as a sampling head and any particles present are impacted on to the agar surface of a Contact plate or 90mm Petri dish for subsequent culture.  

This totally portable system, which is now more compact than the current Pinocchio II, does not require power and, therefore, can be used in high risk areas. Set up is simple as the Pinocchio CR is easily attached to an air or gas line, and a regulating valve controls the pressure delivered to the sampler.  Air flow from the compressed supply is regulated through a flow meter before passing through its traditional SAS sampling head, with the unit capable of sampling 100 litres per minute. 

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