Molecular beam mass spectrometers for pyrolysi

17th February 2015

Henniker Scientific has announced that the Veraspec range of molecular beam gas analysers has been extended to meet the specific demands of reaction monitoring in pyrolysis and gasification research applications. The Veraspec MB range are high performance gas sampling systems designed for the analysis of high pressure reaction processes up to atmospheric pressure. The systems are particularly suited to the study of gas kinetics of atmospheric reactions, clusters and high pressure plasmas.

At the heart of the Veraspec family is the MAX quadrupole mass filter, a 19mm rod diameter triple filter quadrupole. The MAX quadrupoles are available in mass range options up to 16,000 amu with ppb detection capability and exceptional resolution characteristics and include a single detector capable of measuring neutrals, positive ions and negative ions. 

A key advantage of the Veraspec pyrolysis systems is the cross-beam sampling configuration that significantly improves signal-to-noise over axial sampling arrangements. The Cross Beam Deflector Ionizer deflects ionized gas phase species through 90° with 100% efficiency, separating them from photons, metastables, particulates, and molecular beam gases. This scheme, together with the heated inlet path, greatly reduces spurious background signal and maintains the integrity of the quadrupole mass filter for longer, allowing potentially harmful deposits to pass straight through and on to the ultra-high vacuum pumping system.

The Veraspec systems operate under the control of the intuitive Windows Merlin PC operating software allowing for complex scans to be effortlessly reduced to simple recallable methods.





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