Mixing and sub-micron degassing in 20 litre quantities

The new Thinky ARV-10K Twin planetary mixer from Intertronics offers the mixing and degassing capabilities of the Thinky technology in a size suitable for larger production.

The planetary action on the twin 10 litre containers results in repeatable and fully homogenous mixing, combined with simultaneous deaeration and degassing down to sub-micron levels.

This twin mixer system offers a maximum capacity of 29kg.

The vacuum is applied to the individual containers, reducing the vacuum volume and saving process time when applying and returning to atmospheric pressure.

The synergies of planetary centrifugal mixing while under vacuum means that no air is added during the mix, and any air in the material is removed down to sub-micron levels.

Unlike typical vacuum degassing processes, this happens without concerns about excess foaming and spillage, and in much shorter cycle times. Volatile compounds can be processed without vacuum.

The Thinky ARV-10K Twin is fully programmable, and brings control and consistency to mixing processes where guaranteed uniformity and low tolerance for even micro-bubbles is required.

Critical areas include pharmaceutical formulation, fuel cells, batteries, precision composite fabrication, and thermal management materials. 

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