Medical parts zone at tech trade show

5th December 2017

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) has announced that the association's triennial show, NPE2018: The Plastics Show, will debut a new Medical Parts Processing zone among the frequented technology zones on the show floor located in the South Building. This new sector-specific zone focuses on plastics materials, processes and technology advances for medical devices and diagnostics in healthcare industries.
Propelling the demand for this specialised zone is the forecasted 3% growth in revenue from medical device manufacturing anticipated by 2023. This growth is centred around the emerging trend of using plastics in the medical and healthcare industries to create pioneering medical devices, equipment and treatment items.

"Breakthroughs in the use of plastics will drive future medical care efficiencies and bring life-saving advances to hospitals globally," said Glenn Anderson, NPE2018 Executive Committee Chair. "The Medical Parts Processing Zone will connect new technology providers with equipment manufacturers to source medical innovations and support the business initiatives of vertical market attendees."
The use of plastics in cleanroom technology is providing cost effective and environmentally friendly innovations to the medical industry. It is imperative that sterile medical equipment is manufactured in a state of the art controlled environment. The equipment, supplies and solutions making this possible will be among the highlights in the zone and will give attendees the opportunity to explore options that meet the medical industry¹s high business standards.
The medical breakthroughs of today would not be possible without plastics. From barrier technology to 3D-printed prosthetics to new treatment methods, medical manufacturers can find the robotics, automation and supplies for tomorrow¹s health care not only in the Medical Parts Processing Zone, but throughout the Technology Zones in the Material Science, Flexible Vinyl, 3D/4D Printing, Thermoforming and Processors Zones.
NPE2018 will feature 11 Technology Zones in total to reflect a streamlined attendee experience that will help to guide discussions between the attendee and suppliers on the newest equipment, processes and education opportunities transforming the plastics industry. Some of the highlights include the new Bottle Zone, as well as an expanded Re|focus Zone and 3D/4D Printing Zone, all designed to address the growing market demands, highlight innovations and technologies and provide customized education.





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