Maximising tablet production

Multi-tip tooling considerably increases tablet production without adding a new tablet press or additional space and labour. It also: reduces press run time with higher production levels; dramatically cuts operating costs and increases efficiency; and requires less storage space for tooling.

Natoli Engineering custom engineers and crafts a wide range of precision multi-tip tooling in various configurations to customers' exact specifications. The company's multi-tip tablet compression tooling includes standard and micro-tab, assembly-style and solid punches for round, shaped and custom-designed tablets.

Assembly multi-tip punches consist of a punch body, cap and tips. For some applications, solid multi-tip punches have advantages over assembly multi-tip punches because the punch body, cap, and tips are made from one solid piece and will: reduce the risk of cross-contamination; decrease tool rusting; significantly increase tablet production; simplify tool cleaning; and minimise assembly time.


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