Low-flow HPLC columns

Thermo Fisher Scientific is providing proteomics and biopharmaceutical research laboratories with a new line of low-flow HPLC columns that improve separation performance and stability of biologically complex samples.

Using a micro-pillar separation structure, the µPac Neo HPLC columns enable researchers to investigate proteomics samples in greater detail, from accurate identification of peptides to determination of protein quantities, discovery of disease biomarkers and post-translational modifications.

The newest addition to the portfolio is the µPac Neo low-load trapping column, which is ideally suited for the smallest samples sizes in single-cell proteomics separations and features built-in nanoViper connections to the Vanquish Neo UHPLC systems for ease of use and reduced risk of errors. Users of all µPAC Neo columns benefit from excellent column reproducibility, allowing for more reliable data interpretation and confidence in their results.

µPac Neo columns are manufactured by micromachined etching of silicon wafers, resulting in highly reproducible separation paths. For proteomics researchers, this provides higher column-to-column consistency and longer column lifetimes compared to packed-bed columns, allowing for more robust development and validation of methods and easier study of larger sample batches.
Key Applications include proteomics and biopharmaceutical research.

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