Low cost temperature control for laboratories

Huber has replaced its MPC circulators with improved models. The units have a redesigned front and are equipped with an RS232 interface as a standard feature. The improved temperature indication of the MPC models provides a continuous resolution of 0.1 °C over the entire temperature range.

The Huber series of MPC circulators is suitable for many routine laboratory jobs. The favourably priced units are easy to operate and filled with natural refrigerant as a standard.

The circulators can be used, for example, for control of sample temperatures, for material tests or for external temperature control of measuring instruments and test setups.

The units are equipped with an RS232 interface and an overtemperature and sublevel protection according to class III/FL (DIN 12876). All models have a temperature stability of ± 0.05 °C. The circulation pump provides a capacity of 20 l/min; 0.2 bar (pressure side) or 17 l/min; 0.18 bar (suction side). 

The product portfolio comprises immersion, circulation, and bath thermostats for max. +200 °C and cooling circulators for operating temperatures down to -30 °C. The program also offer a wide range of accessories such as test tube racks, adjustable bases, bath covers, sensors, hoses, and temperature control liquids.

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