Launch of multi-application imaging range

3rd May 2018

Syngene has launched its new look G:Box range of upgradeable multi-application imaging systems. Designed with a sleek new darkroom, each of these systems includes top quality imaging features, making it easy for scientists to accurately quantify DNA and protein on all types of gels and blots.
The new look range (G:Box Chemi XRQ, G:Box Chemi XX6 and XX9) combine a motorised stage (XX6 and XX9) and super-cooled camera inside a streamlined new light-tight darkroom. These features ensure the systems produce true to life, low-noise optical images rather than poor quality, digitally enhanced ones. Scientists can resolve close chemi and fluorescent bands and know they're real, which means these systems are ideal for robust quantification of as little as femtogram quantities of DNA and proteins on multiple gel and blot types.
With the option to add red, green, blue and infrared hi-intensity ( HI-LED) lights that are up to 200 times brighter than standard LEDs, the new range offers fast exposure times and produces brilliant multiplex fluorescence images. Users can detect up to five fluorescent channels sequentially (from UV to IR) on Western blots. For higher performance and resolution, researchers can use a G:Box Chemi XX6 or XX9 for imaging close bands or spots even on complex 2D gels.
At the heart of the new look range is the application-driven GeneSys software, which walks users through hassle-free imaging set up. With minimal hands on time, scientists can easily design customised workflows to rapidly and reproducibly produce publication quality images of chemi, multiplex fluorescence blots, DNA and stain-free protein gels. The software includes QuickQuant, for band quantification, saving scientists time, by allowing them to quantify images of  protein and DNA bands while capturing their blot or gel images at their G:Box system.





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