Latest spectrofluorophotometer introduced

Shimadzu has released the RF-6000 spectrofluorophotometer. In the year of the company's 140th anniversary, its spectrofluorophotometer has been reborn as the RF-6000 by merging new technologies with those cultivated throughout Shimadzu's long history. Stable analyses at an excellent level of sensitivity make the RF-6000 particualrly innovative. Combined with new LabSolutions RF software, the RF-6000 covers excellent measurement accuracy and easy operation for a diverse range of customers' measurement needs.

The RF-6000 offers a high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR ≥1,000 RMS and ≥350 peak-peak). The high sensitivity allows for very low limits of quantitation, easily achieving quantitation of fluorescein to concentrations of 1 × 10-13 mol/L. In addition, an auto-gain control function ensures that measurements are performed without influence of environmental factors. As a result, the system provides ac-curate and highly quantitative measurements over a wide six-order dynamic range, from  10-13 to 10-7 mol/L.

Furthermore, the lifespan of the xenon arc lamp has been increased greatly to approximately 2,000 hours. In combination with the extended measurable wavelengths of the detector, this assures stable analyses with high precision. In addition, a larger sample compartment, the adoption of the new LabSolutions RF control software and a wealth of options mean that an even broader range of customer needs can be accommodated.

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