Latest SPE solution introduced

Restek has expanded its line of Resprep solid phase extraction (SPE) products with the addition of polymeric sorbents, available in both cartridges for high loading capacity and 96-well plates for high throughput and automation.

Because Resprep polymeric SPE products feature a silica-free, bonded polymeric material, there are no unwanted secondary silica interactions, even with basic compounds. Their high surface area means a higher loading capacity compared to silica sorbents, and their stability over a wide pH range (0–14) means they won’t hydrolyze under extreme conditions. New Resprep polymeric SPE cartridges and 96-well plates are water-wettable, allowing for streamlined conditioning and equilibration steps to drastically reduce solvent usage and sample prep time. And they are not flow-rate dependent, so they maintain retention and capacity after conditioning, even if dried out from vacuum or positive pressure flows.

Resprep polymeric SPE products offer five distinct packings to choose from.

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