Latest live cell imager launched

26th June 2015

The JuLI FL, from Nanoentek is a next-generation, smart fluorescence live cell movie analyser and counter. The JuLI FL uses novel optics to capture live-cell images from various cell culture dishes. It can perform cell-based assays, including cell counting, cell viability and GFP/RFP expression level checking. This gives the user quantified cell confluence results with low variation and growth curve data.

The JuLI features time-lapse image capturing and movie making for cell counting with GFP or RFP expression level checking. It can be used as a single unit or used with a dual system to obtain comparative data.

The easy to operate system features a user friendly interface with LCD touch screen. Its compact size means that it fit any bench or can be placed inside a cell culture incubator with ease. Simple steps guide the user at each stage of the system setup, image capture and the analysis operations.

Applications include live cell imaging, cell growth monitoring, cell migration assays, cell confluence detection, proliferation assays, cell counting and viability and transfection efficiency.

Eikonix, the scientific digital imaging expert, offers an unrivalled choice of systems for those working in the fields of gel imaging, colony counting and zone measuring, fluorescence imaging and live cell counting and imaging.





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