Latest liquid chromatographs

Shimadzu has launched its Advanced i-Series liquid chromatographs. The Prominence-i HPLC and Nexera-i UHPLC systems feature pressures of 50MPa or 70MPa respectively and can be combined with a variety of detectors. The Advanced i-Series meets user demands for analszing a large number of samples or quickly re-processing data even when working from home.
Retaining the excellent basic functions of the compact i-Series instruments, the Advanced i-Series boasts increased pressure resistance and additional functions to support remote work. Both the system itself and the dedicated software enable reliable data acquisition for all users, with automation to replicate the handling of expert operators.
The Advanced i-Series applies Analytical Intelligence automated features such as mobile phase monitoring for continuous analysis, a mobile phase flowrate control function, and i-PeakFinder for automatic peak integration. Analytical Intelligence relieves operators from organisational, input and processing works as it allows systems to detect and resolve issues automatically, enabling users to easily review instrument status, optimise resource allocation and achieve higher throughput. It makes lab management simple and enables higher productivity, maximum reliability and better connectivity.

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