Latest blast freezers offer rapid freezing of critical bioprocessing samples

A new blast freezer provides researchers looking to accommodate a variety of vessels with a versatile and flexible sample preparation device for use prior to cold storage.

The XBF40 series of -40°C blast freezers are for rapid cooling during the sample preparation process, prior to freezer storage. As such, the stress put on ultra-low temperature storage devices is minimal. The XBF40D is designed for general-purpose and bioprocessing applications to accommodate staggering loads and a variety of vessels including 10 liter carboys, bottles, racks with vials, and more.

“Ultra-low and laboratory-grade freezers are not designed to rapidly freeze critical components for long- or short-term storage, nor do they possess the necessary speed,” said Chris Champlin, vice president and general manager, controlled temperature technologies at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Our new blast freezer helps researchers save time during sample preparation and is also economical, versatile and easy to use.”

Designed to properly prepare samples for long-term storage and reduce stress on a sample storage freezer, the XBF40 series freezers contain three individual compartments that allow users to rapidly freeze product at different points in time without jeopardising the freeze profile of products already in the freezer.

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