Lab offers critical parts cleanliness tests

Jensen Fabricating Engineers, manufacturer of Jenfab aqueous parts cleaning systems, recently acquired a Filtrex Premium Zoom Automated Particle Measurement, Particle Count and Analysis System for its test laboratory. When used in combination with Millipore testing, Jenfab is now able to evaluate customers’ critical parts cleanliness when processed in its LeanClean 360 cellular rotating basket cleaning systems and other styles of aqueous parts cleaning systems of Jenfab design. The company provides a report with exact particle sizes and counts to as small as 10um, on customers’ raw and cleaned parts. The company can also determine total molecular weight of soils before and after cleaning. This service is offered free of charge to customers and potential customers. 

The Jenfab test lab also performs fibre detection and measurement, and has the capability to offer a separate particle and fibre count. The lab can differentiate between metallic and non-metallic contaminants. Its ISO-compliant analysis and reporting system includes a detailed report for quality control and incorporates a high resolution, digital colour camera for documentation. Certification of calibration is documented for full traceability.

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