- a leading brand of columns and media for chromatography

The Kromasil® product line originates from the Swedish-based Separation Products group of AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals, a world leading provider of specialty chemicals.

Kromasil packings and columns have been used for demanding chromatographic separations all over the world ranging from small synthetic pharmaceuticals, to peptides and larger size molecules. Popular applications include chromatographic analysis basic compounds and aromatics, determination of and natural products, peptides and oligonucleotides, insulin and analogs, UHPLC separations for drugs, HPLC analysis of pesticides, and identification of chiral compounds.

Separation Products has released the Kromasil Guide, a resource for analysts, scientists, engineers and plant managers dealing with chromatography including NP, RP, SFC and chiral chromatography.  This guide offers useful tips and tricks as well as fundamentals for scientists working on the separation and purification of a wide variety of samples.  It also covers a significant number of applications.   The Kromasil Guide provides insights into the various product platforms, for both slurry packed UHPLC and HPLC columns as well as bulk material when packing preparative scale columns in pilot plants, kilo labs and manufacturing. Users will benefit from having this resource for the analysis, development and manufacture of key compounds; in the discovery of active ingredients and quality control of samples and in purification scenarios for  impurity isolation, small scale campaigns, support of Phase I, II and III, and production under HPLC, SFC and SMB.

The various Kromasil products are fully back-integrated and have greatly improved the effectiveness of HPLC, SFC and lately UHPLC. Kromasil products are the result of more than 25 years of stationary phase manufacturing and packing expertise delivering performance products to users in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, clinical and environmental industries.

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