Isolation of circulating cell free DNA

AMS Bio has expanded its range of cfPure Cell Free DNA Purification Kits for rapid and efficient isolation of circulating cell free DNA (cfDNA). A new cfPure Max kit is now available for use on samples of 5ml volume or greater.

The cfPure kits use silica-coated paramagnetic particles to purify cell free DNA from less than 1ml to greater than 10ml of serum or plasma. The buffers were developed to ensure efficient recovery of 10 bp-500bp DNA fragments in order to maximise recovery of cell free DNA. The recovered DNA is suitable for a wide range of down-stream applications, such as bisulfite sequencing, NGS and qPCR.

The cfPure protocol is rapid and easy, allowing users to process several samples in an hour or less and making it ideal for biomarker screening. Using proprietary silica-coated magnetic bead technology, the kits are able to efficiently recover low molecular weight cell free DNA during isolation - a key success factor for successful analysis of cfDNA. Designed for scalability, cfPure kits enable users to use just the number of beads and amount of reagent that they need for cfDNA extraction. This also means that the number of extractions per kit is dependent on the amount of sample users wish to purify DNA from.

In addition to being easy to perform, scalable and easy to automate, cfPure kits allow users to use less magnetic bead solution if they are purifying small amounts of plasma – saving them money. Since cfDNA is typically found at very low concentrations and in a fragmented state, very efficient DNA capture, as provided by the cfPure Cell Free DNA Purification Kits, is vital to provide sensitive and reliable results.

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