Introduction to evaporation

13th April 2018

Genevac has published an informative 24-page ‘Introduction to Evaporation’ guide. 

Solvent removal is an essential process for sample preparation across a wide range of applications in many industries. Many sample formats and solvents are used with
no single technique providing a universal solution, but despite this evaporation technology is well-understood and relatively uncomplicated.

But although evaporation is an intrinsic step in so many applications it’s rare to find an evaporation expert in a laboratory. Consequently, many facilities use systems that are
slow and cumbersome simply because of a lack of knowledge about evaporation technology and techniques.
Introduction to Evaporation has been written to provide practical informed advice on how solvent evaporation and concentration can be made simple, safe, efficient and effective. This guide provides a basic grounding in the science, looks at the most effective evaporation technologies for specific applications, offers tips to avoid common evaporation mistakes, and takes a look at the latest developments in evaporation technology.

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