Integrated HPLC

9th February 2018

Shimadzu has released its new i-Series Plus integrated HPLC. The compact solution covers conventional to ultra-fast LC analysis. Application-specific solutions are available within the product range, such as the Cannabis Analyser for potency testing of primary active components of cannabis for medical use. It offers a simple procedure, complete with a column, methods, batches and report templates.
With the i-Series Plus, pretreatment operations have been automated, such as the processes to dilute samples and add reagents. This results in fewer mistakes and measurement errors and ensures highly reproducible and reliable data in the analysis of pharmaceuticals and foods. The product also offers compliance features satisfying the data integrity requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
Since the release of i-Series systems in 2014, 10,000 units have been sold around the world. The systems have been used for research and development activities, specification tests and quality control operations in  a wide range of application fields, such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. 
i-Series Plus expands the product line and improves performance and user-friendliness. The character "i" in i-Series stands for "innovative" for further advancement, "intuitive" for user-friendly features and "intelligent" for the system's self-diagnostic tools. The new system is equipped with a function to automate sample pretreatment, which serves to minimise operator mistakes and measurement errors, improve separation of the target components and to enhance sensitivity. 





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