Innovative CRISPR solutions

As an advocate for the genomics age, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), will showcase its CRISPR expertise at a series of European-focused events. The genomics solution provider is well-known across the USA for its innovative nucleic acid-based products, including oligonucleotides and PCR solutions, genes and gene fragments, NGS, functional genomics and CRISPR genome editing. To increase the accessibly of its extensive CRISPR range of solutions to European markets, the company will be attending the Precision CRISPR Drug Discovery & Gene Therapy Europe congress in London, October 22-24th and at the 4th Annual Genome Editing Congress, also in London on the 8-9th November 2018. Delegates at these shows will have the opportunity to discover IDT’s range of solutions and benefit from the company’s expertise at booth and via various presentations. 

IDT’s ethos is centred around advocating for researchers in the genomics age and it has an extensive R&D programme dedicated to developing the best possible genomics tools. The CRISPR range of solutions is fully comprehensive and has been developed through rigorous research of each component of the CRISPR-driven, double-stranded break generation, critical for gene disruption and DNA insertion by homologous recombination. The range includes an optimised Alt-R CRISPR-Cas9 system that outperforms some other CRISPR approaches for producing on-target, double-stranded DNA breaks. This system features a novel HiFi Cas9 nuclease, Alt-R HiFi Cas9 Nuclease V3, that delivers highly efficient genome editing with reduced off-target effects, even in primary cells.
In addition, IDT provides an Alt-R CRISPR-Cas12a (Cpf1) system, opening up CRISPR editing to additional areas in genomes, guide RNA (gRNA) design tools and NGS solutions for analysis of CRISPR editing events. The systems offer all the necessary tools and reagents for CRISPR experiments from design to analysis, including design tools, nucleases, nickases, recently-released CRISPR-Cas9 XTcrRNA, single guide RNA (sgRNA), tracrRNA, a new homology-driven repair (HDR) enhancer, electroporation enhancers, controls and expression plasmids. As well as off-the shelf solutions, IDT also offers custom solutions providing custom libraries, other CRISPR enzymes, formulations, and other CRISPR tools.

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