Increasing pipetting workflow efficiency

19th August 2015

Danielle Stephens, manager of the Forsyth Institute Luminex Core facility

Researchers at the renowned Forsyth Institute (Cambridge, MA) are using an INTEGRA Viaflo Assist to enhance the efficiency while maintaining the accuracy of pipetting protocols related to the discovery, measurement, and validation of new biomarkers of disease that can be found in saliva.

Founded over 100 years ago, the Forsyth Institute has established itself as the leading independent research institute in America specialisng in oral health and its impact on overall wellness.

In addition to its affiliation with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Forsyth has collaborations with a vast array of academic institutions, hospitals, independent research institutes, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies. These interactions provide access to internationally acclaimed collaborators, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scientists, specialised facilities, and a wide range of technical and theoretical expertise. Forsyth maintains specialty Core Services that provide specialised equipment and expertise for its investigators and, on a fee-for-service basis, to researchers from other institutions.

Danielle Stephens, manager of the Forsyth Institute Luminex Core facility, commented: "The accurate measurement of biomarker levels is essential for evaluating the utility of potential diagnostic molecules. The capabilities of the Luminex Core include ultra-sensitive, precise, high-throughput, automated assays for the quantification of biomarkers which may be present at low levels in saliva."

She added: "As manager of the Luminex Core, I was looking for an automated pipet system to make our workflow more efficient, while maintaining accuracy.

“The VIAFLO Assist is a great tool for adding reagents across a 96-well plate, in either an 8- or 12-channel format. In conjunction with the 8-channel Viaflo II pipette, the Assist has enabled my lab to greatly reduce the amount of operator to operator variability in critical, low volume reagent addition steps for 96-well plate assays.

“The user interface is easy to follow, whether you are using a pre-defined program or completely customising one for your specific needs. This pipet station is flexible in the lab and can be used for multiple applications, including Luminex, ELISAs, PCR, or any other plate based assays.

“The pipet itself is also ergonomically friendly and the fact that it connects to the Assist by Bluetooth means fewer wires on the benchtop. The Viaflo Assist is a great tool for a high throughput laboratory looking to increase efficiency and precision to reach a higher capacity”.





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