Improving the productivity of microsphere formulation process

Microsphere production is experiencing a fast growing demand due to its characteristics and applications. Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are facing new challenges during process scale-up from R&D stage to commercial formulation of microsphere drugs. Suspended microspheres obtained from various micro encapsulation processes require aseptic handling that differs from typical challenging sieving and nitrogen drying operations.

Powder Systems Limited (PSL) is hosting a free webinar the 13th February 2014 presenting new technologies and process solutions for microsphere formulation.

The featured event called ‘A refined solution for microsphere Formulation’ is sponsored by PSL with focus on Manufacturing, Processes and New Technologies. With key speakers from the industry and PSL’s own team of experts, the challenges encountered by pharma manufacturers when formulating microsphere drugs will be reviewed and discussed on the 13th February at 3PM London/10AM New York. Attendees can register online to attend the event organised by Business Review Webinars.

After a review of the market and potential opportunities of new medicines, Remy Wattiaux will review the different manufacturing processes and new technologies recently developed for microsphere formulation from the upstream stage of the microsphere creation (emulsification, droplet formation...) to the downstream operations of harvesting the microspheres in a sterile manner with control size distribution.

Michael Siegel will develop further the downstream technologies by presenting the Microsphere Refiner technology developed for small to pilot scale classification, washing, filtration and drying of micro particles. He will also explain the feasibility test that can be performed with an illustrating video.

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